There are 45 to 50 dances in an evening. About half the dances are waltzes, including several kinds of waltzes: cross-step waltz, ballroom, rotary, viennese, redowa, hesitation.
Often there are about 6 polkas and about 4 Tangos.
Many of these polkas are fast. The rest of the dances are the mixers, the choreographed waltzes, one-steps, swing, tango, cha-cha, Zweifacher or salsa.

The easier and slower dances are in the half of the dance with faster and harder dances are in the second half..

At our dances we provide free water and light refreshements, usually blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, seedless grapes, green grapes, carrots, mms,
small chocolate cookies, potato chips, trail mix.

If you want to get better at these dances, both Joan Walton and Richard Powers regularly have classes for all the dances we have at Friday Night Waltz.
Check out our links page.

We also have had a 4 to 7 week long Tuesday series of classes which cover all Friday Nigh Waltz dances. Classes are one hour long, starting at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm

Choreographed Dances

Congress of Vienna: The Congress of Vienna waltz was choreographed by John Hertz of Los Angeles (inspired by illustrations in Regency-period dance manuals) to music
that he edited and assembled
himself from recordings of three more-or-less period Swedish waltzes. In addition to being danced at Friday Night Waltz, the Congress of Vienna
is also danced at PEERS, BAERS, and Gaskell Ball dances.
Music for the Congress of Vienna is available from Brassworks and Bangers and Mash Cds.

The Cross-Step Waltz is a delightful waltz dance that opens up a wide range of playful yet gracefully flowing variations.

Bohemian National Polka by Richard Powers is based on a reconstruction by the Czech dance historian Frantisek Bonus.

Cross-Step Waltz Mixer is a waltz mixer created by Richard Powers and is played at most Friday Night Waltzes.

Richard Powers has a webpage on dance descriptions, discography, and additional thoughts about social dancing.


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